Megalistado of journals in translation and interpreting

Who gets rid of wanting to be up to date with the news of the sector? Surely none of us.

Today, if you don’t know everything that moves in the translation industry, stay back. Every day you look at Twitter and LinkedIn, you back the news of associations and companies, not you miss or an article on translation, etc. Super, although, if you really want to be aware of the latest developments, one of the best sources of information will always be the journals in translation and interpreting.

If you do (or want to spend) to translation, the magazines are a must among your best resources. The variety is so great that it impresses. We can find more generals, who include a bit of everything, to much more specific publications from magazines. Some focus on the developments of recent years (and the future) and others take decades published.

The greatest advantage?

It’s periodicals, so you are constantly renewing itself. It is almost impossible to escape you nothing new within the sector. They will help you to know to imply how the translation industry, and although some of them have ceased to publish regularly, are a great source of reference.

The lists of journals of translation and interpretation are endless and new publications are added every day. For this reason, we have prepared this MEGALISTADO of journals in translation, interpretation (and related sectors) at national and international.